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Proper fertilization is the first step towards a healthy lawn. Turfgrasses are just like humans, as in they need food to survive. Our programs take into consideration all of the nutritional needs of your lawn., as well as managing tough to control broadleaf weeds.


Custom blended fertilization

Our approach to fertilization mirrors that of high end sports fields and golf courses, as in we prefer to spoon feed turf grasses via enhanced-efficiency fertilizers. Everything we include in our programs is custom blended to our specs - nothing off the shelf or "stock" products used by every other lawn care company. Besides macro and micro nutrients delivered in the proper ratios, our fertilizers deliver root enhancing biostimulants and soil enhancing carbon. This equals both healthy plants AND healthy soils...not to mention that because our fertilizers contain little or no useless fillers, every granule is working efficiently for your lawn!

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broadleaf weed control

While the best weed control is always a thick and healthy stand of turf, sometimes we have no choice but to control them chemically. If your lawn has never been treated, it's safe to say that a blanket application of herbicide is usually necessary. Once the majority of the weeds are controlled, we transition to spot treatments at each regular visit. In addition to only using chemical controls when necessary, our integrated approach throughout the season allows us to treat certain weeds when they are easiest to control rather than via the calendar.

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